Wednesday, February 2, 2011

it's snow joke...we're trapped over here.

So, most of you know (unless you live in SoCal then you really don't care!) that the entire Midwest is enduring blizzard conditions.  And you may or may not know that during these blizzard conditions, when you are trapped...I mean...enjoying your four (loud) kids at home, that you somehow develop the urge to eat.  Like bears getting ready to go into hibernation type eating.  That's what I'm talking about.  It's kind of insane really.  So, here are some pics of what we did yesterday, during snow number two.

We made these chocolate buttercream iced cupcakes.  And this is my picture.  Very magazine worthy don't you say?  Yep, I'm not ashamed to say I had one for breakfast.  (We made them in the morning after all.)  And one for lunch, and one last night...

We dressed up eskimo baby and played in the snow.  Okay, that's not really an eskimo baby.  That's my youngest.  But she does really look like a cute eskimo baby here doesn't she?  I love it! 

And finally, we capped the dinner time hour off with these homemade italian meatballs with sauce.  This is not my own photo.  But I swear, they looked just like this one, perhaps even BETTER!  ;)   I'd only made homemade ones a couple times and they turned out dry and bland tasting.  Then I realized I had been making them wrong.  After watching the Cooking Network and realizing you should mix your meats (beef, pork, veal - although I took a pass on the veal), I'll be making these more often.  Great meal to eat right before hibernation for sure!

So, wherever you are today, stay warm and stay safe and...go make some cupcakes!


  1. looks yummy. you know my oldest debated with me when she was 4 that a frosted cupcake is no different then a frosted doughnut and she has a point.

    we have played balloon tennis, had a scavenger hunt, made cinnamon strudel bread and painted coffee filter hearts

    here is a link to balloon tennis i bet your kids would have a blast:

    so the question is will school be out tomorrow :)

  2. Oh and i forgot to add I only have the 2 girls and it gets loud I can only imagine adding 2 more :)

  3. I'm ready to escape to somewhere tropical, what about you???? :)