Sunday, December 12, 2010

i demand my spoiled egg!

So, this is just too funny not to mention.  This morning, I made a big batch of homemade hash browns (yes, I love peeling potatoes and whirling them through the food processor into's morning therapy) and some fried eggs and some leftover Pioneer-Woman-recipe-beef-on-toast-concoction.  After this was done, the four year old begged for the other eggs.  You know, the ones you can hold in your hand.  So, I figured it was boiled eggs.  YES!  That's it!  Boiled eggs she said.  "That's what I want!"  After about 30 seconds after dropping them in the water on the stove, she demanded her eggs.  After about 2 more minutes, she demanded them again.  I told her it would take several more minutes.  Finally after about 4 more minutes, she yelled out for all to hear...."I demand you get me my SPOILED EGGS!"  We all busted up laughing.  I'm not sure what was funnier...the fact that she said "demand" or her choice of eggs.  Four year funny.


  1. LMAO @ spoiled eggs...Kids at this age are the best! You never know what they're going to say next.

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  2. That is really funny! You have a good laugh at the early part of the day. I'm now following your awesome blog.

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