Thursday, December 9, 2010

i heart you tinyprints!

Every year I get cards from my uber creative friends who can outdo me with their left pinky.  And I'm not talking about going to Hallmark and picking out a box o' cards.  My uber creative friends are actual graphic designers and world renowned champion scrapbooking queens.  So this year, I opted for tinyprints.  Seriously?  How could I choose?  I forced each of my four kids to wear a goofy hat and pose outside in the freezing cold for a mere 16 seconds each.  Walllllla!  Christmas card complete!  Well, not exactly.  But almost.  A few quick downloads, and a few clicks of a button, and my card was complete!  Woo hoo...and two days later...they are on the way to me!  Can't believe I didn't just do this before.  And by the way, tinyprints is a fun little family company started up by a few cool guys which has now grown into an awesome business.  Their customer service is AMAZING!  How do I know?  Well, changing my mind...adding to my order within hours of placing my order and after they'd gone to worries!  Thanks look forward to many more holidays to come.  Sigh....

Check out their website for some fun little holiday promotions!  I used code TPHOL50 and got $15 off my order of $75 or more.  

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