Saturday, December 11, 2010

sugarplum fairies + 10 degree wind chills = good times!

So today was a girls day.  The annual Nutcracker Ballet Luncheon.  Such a fun time watching all the girls dressed up in their finest fluff, the moms frantically purchasing items for sale, and of course the yummy luncheon.  I've taken my oldest daughter, now 11, to this three times now.  She had fun, although slightly disappointed that she didn't win the raffle prize of the insane American Girl setup they had on display.  She was even more irritated that the girl who did win, seemed to brush it off with a ho-hum-oh-big-deal attitude.  Not even a squeal or scream when her name was called!  That is just wrong.  The mom who won the Bose headphones yelled out like she had just seen a live mouse...crawl over her foot.  This was my middle daughter's first time.  She is four.  Miraculously, she made it through the 4 hour event.  We skipped the performance though because I wasn't quite sure she could handle another 2 hours in a theatre seat.  Good thing...she quickly fell asleep in the back seat on the way home.  I managed to eat all the food on my plate, smile a few times with a piece of lettuce stuck in the side of my tooth (which I later discovered in the bathroom mirror) and make friendly conversation with the ladies sitting around me.  But let's face it.  A four hour event is long.  After I said how we love the "Nutcrapper" (and this was purely a freudian slip on my part) I knew it was time we headed home.  But seriously, take your daughters to this, in whatever city you live.  It really does make for a memorable annual event.  Lettuce and all!


  1. I'd have had words with that little girl! LOL. She probably has a $27,000 playhouse at home.

  2. She may carry a $15,000 handbag too. Ha! :)